Overwhelming. That’s how many companies describe the ongoing effort to train their employees on the applications they use every day. That’s no surprise when you consider that a typical enterprise organization can require more than 280 applications to run its business! What’s more, that number is growing by thirty percent a year – and that was before the business upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now an ever-growing number of employees find themselves taking on new responsibilities and using new applications as they work from home. And it’s not just the company’s full-time staff that’s affected. Vendors and customers also need to be trained – then retrained every time an application is updated to the latest version.

Unfortunately, the traditional method of onboarding and training are limited in their ability to match the demands of this new world of work. Successful organizations realize that a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can be the answer to boosting training effectiveness and employee productivity.

Digital Adoption: Then and Now

The idea of creating a new platform for Digital Adoption (DA) has been around since about 2010. The first organizations to experiment with it were small to medium-sized businesses. At this early stage, DA Solutions functioned primarily as a navigation aid, offering guidance to users who were frustrated with clicking through an endless maze of menus to find the functionality they were looking for.

Technology firms began to adopt the concept around 2014. By that time DA solutions were offering functionality that took the whole user experience into consideration, in addition to assisting in navigation and task completion. When the functionality expanded to support users throughout the entire software lifecycle, the potential for impressive ROIs became clear.

This new approach to training continued to gain traction, and in 2019 Digital Adoption was recognized by Gartner and other industry analysts as a separate software category. The new focus for DAS? For Whatfix, the future of DA lies in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to make training content even more engaging and valuable with real-time, contextualized personalization.

The Future of Digital Adoption

In the future, we expect the growth of DA to accelerate. To understand why one only needs to consider the results our customers have achieved:

With results like these, Whatfix is excited to be providing a customized Digital Adoption Platform for leading enterprises in every industry. Read more about what’s possible with a Digital Adoption Platform like Whatfix.

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