Overwhelming. Many businesses use the phrase to describe their continuing efforts to teach staff members about the programs they use on a daily basis. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given that a typical enterprise corporation may need more than 280 programs to function. Furthermore, that number is increasing by 30% a year, before the business disruption brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak. Today, an increasing number of workers who telecommute find themselves using new tools and taking on new responsibilities. Additionally, not just the company’s full-time employees are impacted. Every time an application is updated to the newest version, vendors and consumers must also be taught, then retrained.

Unfortunately, the limitations of the conventional onboarding and training processes make them unsuitable for the demands of this modern workplace. Successful businesses are aware that a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) may hold the key to increasing staff productivity and the efficacy of training.

Digital Adoption Solution: Then and Now

Since roughly 2010, there has been talking about developing a new platform for digital adoption (DA). Small to medium-sized firms were the first ones to test it out. Initially, the main purpose of digital adoption solutions was to serve as a navigational help for users who were tired of navigating a confusing array of menus in search of the functionality they needed.

Around 2014, technology companies began to adopt the idea. By then, digital adoption solutions offered capabilities that supported task completion and navigation while also considering the entire user experience. The potential for significant ROIs became apparent as the functionality was increased to serve users across the whole product lifecycle.

This innovative kind of employee training gained more appeal, and in 2019 Gartner and other business analysts recognized Digital Adoption as a distinct software category. The digital adoption solution’s new area of concentration is Whatfix believes. Real-time support, Contextualized customization, and walkthroughs will be the future of training and Digital adoption solutions help the progress by enhancing its value and engagement.

The Future of Digital Adoption

We anticipate that Digital Adoption’s growth will quicken in the future. One merely needs to look at the outcomes our clients have attained to comprehend why:

With results like these, Whatfix is excited to be providing a customized Digital Adoption Platform for leading enterprises in every industry.

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