The majority of businesses digitize business operations to increase process effectiveness and predictability. Employee complexity and learning rise as a result of greater digitization. A bad user experience and lower user adoption are the results of this complexity and information overload.

According to a PwC report, 52% of businesses expedited their AI deployment plans as a result of the Covid problem. In 2021, 86 percent of respondents predict that AI will become a “mainstream technology” in their company. In a study conducted by Harris Poll and Appen, it was shown that 67% of businesses anticipate further accelerating their AI strategies in 2021. Companies cited Covid as the reason for 55% of their projected AI strategy acceleration in 2020.

Our CTO and co-founder, Mr. Vara Kumar, discusses how Whatfix uses artificial intelligence to increase staff productivity in this webinar from our most recent event, the Digital Adoption Summit.

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform is an overlay on the application to provide a user with engaging and contextual information. It overlaps learning into the flow of work. DAP further handles the inconvenience associated with Change Management and reduces the ramp-up time of your new employees.

Automation of Routine Tasks Makes Your Employees Faster

Whatfix makes sure that data is transferred between programs automatically and in both directions. This feature improves data accuracy and lowers the likelihood of human error. Consequently, the workforce is more productive as a result of the automation of repetitive operations.

For instance: After every chance, a salesperson enters a lot of repetitive data. He diverts his attention away from his primary task of selling by investing several of his valuable hours in the CRM system. Whatfix automates all of these repetitive tasks so that your salesperson may concentrate on lead conversion.

Artificial Intelligence Improves User Experience

Once the agreement is finalized, your salesman resumes responding to emails and drafting contracts for the client. Whatfix uses AI to complete these chores on your behalf. Whatfix can interpret the message’s purpose and make suggestions for the next course of action.

Once accepted, these procedures are also automated. The salesperson is spared from having to sort through numerous applications in this situation. For you, Whatfix would automate the contract creation procedure and update the CRM system. Data validation ensures that your inputs are taken into account throughout the process’ automation at various points.

Whatfix can also run in the background to find answers to your questions like the number of open deals in the CRM, the highest revenue generated from opportunities, etc. Automation in all these use cases makes the process faster and provides a seamless user experience.

Centralized Knowledge Base

Employee inertia is caused by dispersed information that exists in various forms and locations within the company. As a result, they do not receive the appropriate content at the appropriate moment in an application. Whatfix addresses this by integrating with your existing knowledge bases and offering the information as contextual links within the application.

Whatfix also employs a crawling method to index every page in your repository. The self-help section of the application then makes them searchable.

Offer Unique and Personalized Learning Methods

Everybody learns at a different rate and has varied responses to different kinds of knowledge. The same learning strategy would therefore prevent product acceptance. Whatfix provides a tailored learning strategy to promote user engagement and product uptake.

Digital Adoption solution uses behavioral data to adapt support materials to user characteristics. Whatfix can comprehend employee needs by utilizing Natural Language Processing and crawling techniques to provide the necessary data from the application to you. BOTs can also be configured to detect employee feedback, which can then be contextually tagged and distributed.


Future digital adoption would be supported by human efforts strengthened by AI and automation. Whatfix can identify your employees’ challenges and streamlines those organizational procedures.

Our goal is to reduce product complexity for your staff members and boost productivity. Whatfix guarantees you a smooth user experience and happy customers.

Are you prepared for the revolution in AI? Request a customized demo to discover more about Whatfix’s capabilities.

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