Marco Dondi is the Future of Work Expert, and Associate Partner, at McKinsey & Company. He is the Author of ‘Outgrowing Capitalism’- Strategy consultant in economics, banking, labour and education.

The latest episode of the Digital Adoption Show features Saurabh Guru, Global Head, Customer Success, Whatfix and Marco Dondi on Discover the skills future employees will need from a McKinsey expert.

5:17 -In what ways are traditional skills no longer relevant in our organisations and why is there a need for change?

-Looking at the pace at which technology is changing, many of these technical skills become obsolete in 12 to 18 months. Artificial intelligence has already been deployed and adapted. But if you take a step further and think about the speed of diffusion of these technologies and also as these technologies become better, all types of activities that they could substitute will cause a lot of change

-The rapidity of change will likely force people to not have one job for all their life or even two or three jobs, many people are coming into the workforce today, and they’ll have to go through possibly 10 different transitions, some minor, some a bit more significant

-Whatever you learn, by the time you’re 10 years in the labour force, it is almost irrelevant, but it’s a minor component of what you need, it means that all of these skills have continuously adapted, and become much more important than they were in the past.

12:04 -What is DELTAs approach? Why is it called DELTA?  How can people learn by using it?

-For Instance, if you go into chemistry, you need to know exactly what elements you’re mixing, if you want to get the right compound. One of the key use of this framework is really to structure much more systematically and consciously

-If you’re a learning and development professional, or if you have an education system, or if you’re a teacher, you can start using this to think of how I develop these different elements in my students, in my colleagues or my organisation.

21:29 –How DELTAs could help shape education and organisation training?

-Our education system has been developed mostly focusing on the content and the knowledge. All the assessments which are assessing people based on what they know, and what they can conjure up on a test, means that most of the focus ly going into the subjects and into what you might be asked in a test

-But how do I also develop all of these important traits which future-proof citizens need in the future? Many education organisations have been very open to saying that we might not be developing in schools because we’re not ration training teachers on them, we are not suggesting specific approaches and modalities develop these different skills. 

-If you believe that these skills are such an important part of the future of your life and success, then saying soft skills just seems not to end yes.

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