As we come to the end of this season, here are our top five picks from The Digital Adoption Show Season 2. 

Marco Dondi Future of Work Expert, and Associate Partner, at McKinsey & Company and Saurabh Guru, Global Head, Customer Success, Whatfix on Discover the skills future employees will need from a McKinsey expert.

Bart Schutte is a Director of Digital Learning at Saint Gobain and Arijeet Das Diengdoh, Associate Director of Sales – EMEA at Whatfix, on Transform not train your way to a better business strategy.

Tomissa Smittendorf Director, North America Sales Learning & Development at Kellogg Company and Paul Dixon, Director, Strategic Accounts, Sales at Whatfix on how Change Management can transform your perspective on hybrid work culture.

Claire Doody Founder and Principal Consultant, at Work in Motion and Ex-Global Director, at Twitter and Akshay Moza, Manager, Customer Success, Whatfix on The 5 Must-Follow Hacks to Build a Future-Proof Workplace.

Stella Collins Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs and Ajay Kumar, VP- Pre Sales at Whatfix, discussing “Learn the power of doing with Neuroscience”.

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