This week’s Digital Adoption Show features Shagun Vaish, Principal Customer Success Director at Whatfix, and Nick Shackleton discussing An L&D Innovator’s Journey who believes in the power of learning.

09:32 What are some suggestions for creating a learner-friendly environment? Can you share any examples of how this concept has worked for you?

“People are just doing a weird educational ritual that doesn’t achieve what they would like to achieve.” – Nick Shackleton

17:30  We know the future of the world and L&D is digital. So, why are social networks and human-centred design important for the future?

“Some organisations increasingly realise that they cannot control their reputation and their external brand independently, they are dependent on their employees to be ambassadors of their organisation.” – Nick Shackleton

20:31 Why is it so difficult for a leader to modify their leadership style? What effect does this have on organizational change?

“Leaders have a huge influence on the culture of an organisation and if you’ve had to work for a bad leader, it makes every day miserable.” – Nick Shackleton

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Nick Shackleton is the CEO at Shackleton Consulting and Former CLO at Deloitte UK. He is awarded for people development, strategy, innovation, and learning content including the Learning & Performance Institute’s Award for Services to the Learning Industry, 2017.