The latest episode of the Digital Adoption Show features Shreya Srivastava, Customer Success Manager at Whatfix, and Katie DaCosta on 3 ways to create performance-driven cultures through transformational learning strategies.

12:03 -What is that one thing you did differently while you have managed teams and the key focus area you always had an eye on?

20:48 -As you hail from the L&D team and are also pretty much aware of DAP/Digital Adoption Platform, what do you feel would be your top 3 objectives that you would like to share with the audience? 

25:42 -What blending learning means to you and how beneficial do you think it is for the long-term success of any organization?

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Katie DaCosta is an International Learning Leader & Founder of Purple Nyx consulting. She is a collaborative and forward-thinking Business Leader and Strategist across Learning, Organisational development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Having worked across Global technology and service organisations.