The fourth industrial revolution has fundamentally altered how human effort is accounted for in today’s workplace. Technological advancements have increased corporate efficiency, reduced expenses, and provided businesses with a stronger competitive advantage than before. But, more importantly, it has defined “a golden period for modern-day L&D organisations in supporting the growing digital workforce transformation.”

Our guest, Steven Rath Morgan, former Head of Global Learning & Talent Development at Xerox and a thought leader who uniquely envisions a new age of L&D to help make the workforce more effective and efficient, shared this intriguing information at our very own podcast the Digital Adoption Show.

Steven began his career as a Manager of Worldwide Training and Information Development, then moved on to become the Director of Global Learning Innovation, and most recently served as the Head of Global Learning and Talent Development at Xerox.

In this episode of the Digital Adoption Show with Steven, we talked about how he’s seen L&D organizations evolve over the years and how he sees corporate L&D adopting digital adoption strategies in the future.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast

The online learning experience is evolving dramatically. It’s becoming more and more about engagement and timely, relevant learning.

Steven believes this is an exciting period in L&D, and he’s looking forward to seeing what the next twenty years will bring.

Listen to our podcast to see how modern L&D is experimenting with digital adoption and developing methods to make it work!