Digital transformation has taken the forefront of boardroom agendas with global spending estimated to be as high as $454 billion on the latest tools and technology. With such high investments in digitization, there’s the quintessential question we need to answer in order to realize the ROI for these technology expenditures. And that is – how do we make sure that a diverse workforce, consisting of different generations of workers with different learning skills and needs adopt such technologies with the least amount of friction.

We were super thrilled to have none other than Beth Loeb Davies in the latest episode of our podcast – The Digital Adoption Show. She talks about her career path, her learnings, and how she mitigated the challenges.

Beth Loeb Davies is the former director of L&D, Tesla. She has worked in the HR and L&D space for the last 29 years with companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Gap. She has had quite the career path, starting off as a lawyer and then gradually moving into the HR and L&D fields.

She is a consultant, keynote speaker, and most recently has started her very own podcast –  Career Curves where she invites people who have had quite interesting career paths to talk about the challenges they faced, the decisions they had to make, and how they built solid careers and opportunities for themselves.

Insights from the Podcast

For us, it was quite interesting to listen to Beth’s experience of being in the HR and L&D space over the years, her learnings, and how she mitigated the challenges that came her way.

If you’re an L&D professional or an HR leader, you can’t afford to miss Beth’s talk.