According to recent research by Training Zone, 81% of learners are in charge of their own personal development. Learning is a transformational and value-creating activity. Businesses can expand their abilities and expertise by training their employees If you find yourself asking these questions frequently, this episode is for you. Why can’t people and organizations take charge of their own learning? What is it that is preventing them from doing so? 

To answer these unsaid questions we have Toby Newman who is a Learning and Development Manager at Here Technologies, an Open Location Platform company headquartered in the Netherlands with an enthralling learning culture.

During the course of his 15-year career in Learning & Development, Toby has worked in various organizations and industries, including telecommunications and retail.

He often describes himself as a “never-ending learner”, and the same can be reflected in his YouTube channel.

To experience this never-ending learning journey, check out the episode.