Erika Van de Yacht is Associate Director, Enterprise Capability at Sentry. She is managing the design, delivery and evaluation of learning and development solutions in support of strategic objectives and organizational development priorities.

The latest episode of the Digital Adoption Show features Sumeet Kumar, Senior Vice President Sales, Whatfix and Erika Van de Yacht on Accelerating L&D’s impact through a business-driven learning model.

9:41 -Learning and Development play an integral, techno-commercial role in achieving the enterprise’s & business goals. What’s your opinion on this?  

-The rate at which an organisation learns will become the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. With rising complexity, a lot of skills seem to have this increasingly shorter Half-Life, which certainly on the surface makes continuous learning and development just a necessity in achieving enterprise goals

-We have to develop a culture and environment that supports continuous learning and it usually needs to happen within the business and in the flow of work. We need learning to be embedded, or woven into the day-to-day experience of our associates. Whether it is through systems or people that can coach and support in the moment of need

14:06 – Every business has a strategy that challenges its needs and L&D would need to support those. How does your team at Sentry deal with it?

-Our corporate universities support the broad professional and leadership development needs of our organisation, but we also support the business unit level. Whether it’s claims, sales, underwriting, customer service, or even our hospitality business, so that’s, that’s where the golf cart golf course is part of our hospitality business

-We have very close relationships and alignment between our Talk leaders and the learning function to assure we’re working on the right things from a business perspective

-I would emphasise developing a cross-sectional way of learning so that we ensure our learning aligns closely with business needs

20:46 -What is the mix of projects you have in any specific area, which makes you excited? Or, call it one of your favourites? To focus on? From a personal perspective?

-Our team is often juggling about 180 projects at a time and I would say actually, the larger the learning team, probably more of those efforts are focused on business-specific learning. 

-Our learning team is actually broken into, learning leaders, instructional designers, and learning performance specialists who work closely with the business and, of course, the important team who helps manage their learning solutions in our LMS, and so on

-With so much of that work between the learning leaders and the learning performance specialists who work more closely with the business. I’d have to look at the exact breakdown, specifically on business-related efforts. We also interact with the entire organisation, focussing only on accelerating our leadership development programme

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