Workflow Learning - 5 Moments of Need

A talk by Bob Mosher
CEO/ Chief Learning Evangelist, APPLY Synergies, a 5 Moments of Need

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About this talk

We live in challenging times! Working at home is the current norm. Our support systems, learning approaches, and everyday workflows are all disrupted! Workers need to be enabled to perform at the speed of change and traditional learning approaches won't be enough.

We need to making learning in the flow of work a reality.

Everything is moving into the workflow. Arguably, though, learning has always been there – it’s just that now we can actually support it fully. Workflow learning has emerged as a powerful discipline that helps learners learn while actually doing their jobs. This isn’t a redo of ‘job aids’. This is embedded, contextual, real time learning, often while a learner doesn’t even know they're doing it.

For many in L&D this is a huge mind-set and instructional leap, but when done correctly it can transform the impact of our deliverables in amazing ways. Let’s get together to qualify and quantify this powerful new discipline.

  • What exactly is workflow learning?
  • Can you make workflow learning scalable and measurable?
  • What platforms help make workflow learning a reality?
  • The crucial mind-set shift needed in L&D and the workplace.
  • Understand the power of performance support and why an EPSS is the new tip of the sword when it comes to the next generation of learning platforms.

The EnABLE Workflow Design Whitepaper

This white paper makes the case for a performance-based approach to instructional design. Traditional instructional methods are training-event centered, narrow in focus, and lack the ability to extend their influence into the workflow. For instance, ADDIE methodology leaves out the experiential learning theory and models that are critical to staying competent in the workflow. Dr. Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher of APPLY Synergies have spent nearly four decades developing a performance-based methodology called EnABLE that addresses the 5 Moments of Learning Need (5 MoN). These 5 Moments are: • Apply: When one must use what one has learned to execute a job task or procedure. • Solve: When an unanticipated problem surfaces or something breaks. • Change: When technology, workflow, or processes are altered. • Learn New: These moments are when employees need to learn something that is altogether new and they lack related contextual experience for the new knowledge. • Learn More: When employees have contextual experience but need to learn more. Current training practices provide instructional methods for learning New but not necessarily for More. EnABLE clearly delineates the differing characteristics of these two moments and makes it possible for learners to get the support they need in the workflow for both Moments

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Bob Mosher

Bob Mosher is a senior partner, and the Chief Learning Evangelist, at APPLY Synergies, a 5 Moments of Need™ company that specializes in helping learning professionals design, develop, and measure effective learning and performance support.