The New Workflow Learning Instructional Designer

A talk by Ray Jimenez
CEO/ Chief Learning Architect, Vignettes Learning

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About this talk

If you are new or with some experience in instructional design, it is highly probable that you have been learning from very old ideas about training and learning. These are traditional learning habits, costly processes and antiquated skills. Before you embrace and unknowingly take the plunge, consider today’s business realities that are considerably different from that of 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years ago. May I recommend that you take a fast-forward approach to today’s instructional design demands and challenges. Be current. Stay relevant. Add value. Benefit from the rewards.

Topics covered: ● A quick view of 100 years of instructional design. ● Where do instructional designers add value and where do they fail? ● What is driving the demand for Workflow Learning - the need to bring learning while doing work?

This is not the same as on-the-job training. ● How different are the skills in traditional, aging training design from Workflow Learning Design? ● How are companies implementing Workflow Learning? What are your opportunities? ● What are the metrics that show impacts of the new Workflow Learning Instructional Designer?

50 Thinking Tools Templates for Workflow Learning

Download the 50 Thinking Tools designed for Workflow Learning Download the 50 Thinking Tools. Please note, you need to register as an attendee before you can access this freebie.

Please note, you need to register as an attendee before you can access this freebie.

Ray Jimenez

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