Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon

Over 20+ years helping companies transform their employee experience.

Director, Strategic Accounts, Sales

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Paul Dixon comes from a training and development family. One of his earliest memories is being in the training videos (VHS tapes!) for Pancho's Mexican Buffet in the early 80's. From then on he was hooked on sopapillas (and L&D) and has been in the HCM and L&D technology space for the last 25 years. He is now Director of Strategic Accounts for Whatfix, a digital adoption platform company based in San Jose, CA. He lives in Colleyville, TX where his awesomeness is unappreciated by his wife, teenage daughter, and three dogs. He'll be speaking on the topic of Digital Transformation titled To Digitally Transform, You've got to Digitally Adapt. Digital transformation projects are huge, expensive, and largely unsatisfying and expensive. We'll look at why digital transformation projects fail, how Experian succeeded and some of the processes and tools they used to improve their odds of success.