Over the last few years, the learning experience has become a hot issue in training and development, fueled by the rise of employee engagement and experience as major strategic initiatives for many companies. Delivering a comprehensive, modern learning experience is, after all, a well-known driver of employee engagement, retention, and performance.

While we all want to learn to be enjoyable and engaging, what good is it if it isn’t fulfilling a greater purpose for the organization?

In this latest episode of “The Digital Adoption Show,” we have Dr. Jerry Zandstra, a Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Inno-Versity. A learning firm established at the University of Michigan that works with companies worldwide to create personalized digital learning experiences. He is also a professor of economics and an ordained preacher in the Christian Reformed Church and has been with the university from its foundation nearly a decade ago.

In this episode, we delved into how to turn a learning and training experience into a user-friendly one that not only aids individual development but also contributes to organizational goals.
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