Ross Stevenson is Head Of Learning at Trainline and Founder of Steal These Thoughts!

The latest episode of the Digital Adoption Show features Nabras Mohammed, Manager, Whatfix and Ross Stevenson on how organisations can modernize learning: 5 quick hacks to get started.

4:47 -What is the modern learning approach and how organizations can leverage it?

-The pandemic and actual acceleration of digital technology can be observed as a shared human collective experience. L&D needs to become more tech-centric and better at tech

-A modern learning approach should focus on having the right intention of technology and also the human experience around it. The focus should be on how to still have the human experience in the form of coaching and mentoring

-Technology is not a silver bullet, it’s not going to replace everything we do in terms of having that connection, sharing experiences, and looking at doing what we’ve always done for millennia, which is sharing stories, which is what we do in all different ways.

8:36 -How are companies ensuring a good learning experience with the human experience?

-Being a tech company, digital has its capacity to provide people with resources to help with in-the-moment problems; it is more long-term skill building or behavioural building, so intentional learning, where you can start somewhere on a digital journey. 

-For instance, if you want to coach someone or mentor to become better at a particular skill, they can listen to a podcast or read a resource. But that gives them some theory, what they’ve learned in the resources, and then you should seek out people with human experience to mentor them or other companies from a leadership perspective that can give you context and content related to coaching.

-Big tech companies take their people to a certain level in the digital space with course catalogues and on-demand content. Still, when it comes to “how do I apply this in my role at my company?” that’s where you need the human, so as a part of that experience, they will connect you with other humans who are doing that role.

17:45 -Organizations often talk about upskilling and reskilling their employees. Do you think this can be streamlined with the help of any framework?

-When we talk about upskilling or reskilling, the essential thing is, can you go into your organisation now? And can you find the five to ten shared skills that everyone needs to succeed in that organisation? and you’ll find that many of them will probably be more human skills. So adaptability, resiliency, looking at the technical side with digital skills or going back to the human side of emotional intelligence, there are probably some core skills everyone needs

-The simple framework could be just going out to the organisation data that says what skills people feel like they’re lacking today. And then, look at what you feel your organisation needs from a capability perspective, and most L&D teams will have some of that data already to say that these are the core skills everyone needs in any role to be capable. 

-Furthermore, data is your best friend in telling you the truth. People share opinions, and there’s no data. So, can you get the data and understand how we can impact people? How can we give them value in these reskilling and upskilling opportunities? 

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