Digital Adoption Day

powered by Whatfix

Wednesday, November 18

10:30 am to 04:00 pm ET

A Day Of Learning That You'll Never Forget

Earlier this year, we brought you the Digital Adoption Summit with 41 speakers in 3-days. This November we bring to you a lot more but in a single day. Tune in for an exclusive day of panel discussions and insightful sessions from thought leaders in Digital Adoption and L&D.


Dr. Britt Andreatta

Dr. Britt Andreatta

CEO, 7th Mind Inc.

Britt is an internationally recognized thought leader who creates brain-science based solutions for today’s challenges.

Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

CLO, Learning Rebels

Shannon works with organizations to develop learning infrastructures & integrate learning technologies to achieve actionable results.

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Founder, Global Curiosity Institute

Stefaan has spent 28+ years in global exposure & leadership role in broader learning arena. 

Khadim Batti

Co-founder & CEO Whatfix

Khadim Batti is the co-founder and CEO of the leading Digital Adoption Platform, Whatfix. 

Trish Uhl

Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP

Founder, Owl's Ledge LLC

Trish leverages data & tech to develop people, adaptive workforces & agile organizations for Triple Bottom Line results & a world that works better. 

vara kumar

Vara Kumar

Co-Founder and CPTO, Whatfix

Vara Kumar Namburu is the Co-founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer of Whatfix. 

Anil Vijayan

Anil Vijayan

VP, Everest Group

Anil is VP at Everest Group, a leading global consulting and analyst research firm. 

vispi daver

Vispi Daver

Senior Vice President, Whatfix

Vispi works with the Whatfix Sales team worldwide and with Global 1000 prospects & customers across verticals and industries.

Angela Pitts

Angela Pitts

Principal Solutions Consultant, Bullhorn

Angela is a 20 year staffing veteran who is passionate about leveraging the best technologies to create efficiencies and products people want to use.

Jeff Lowndes

Jeff Lowndes

Program Manager, Snapchat

Jeff is currently building learning & development programs to enable the most effective sales team in the industry!

Kimberly Smart

Kimberly Smart

Director of Systems Support, Anthology Senior Living

Kim comes from a background of systems support & team training. She’s always working to find better solutions to support all types of learners.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Learning Consultant, Change 4 Growth Consulting

Mike is a learning consultant. He advise organizations on the best approaches to achieve learning and performance goals.

prakhar jain

Prakhar Jain

Director of Global Sales, Whatfix

Prakhar is the #1 employee of Whatfix and is running the Global Inbound & Outbound Sales.

Stephanie Roodhouse

Stephanie Roodhouse

Head of Customer Advocacy & Experience, Whatfix

Stephanie leads Customer Advocacy & Experience at Whatfix focusing on enhancing customer engagement, experience and delight.

Shricha Jha

Shricha Jha

Global Associate Director of Business Development, Whatfix

Shricha helps manage the global business development and helps enterprises understand the ROI of Digital Adoption Platforms.

Adam Nichols

Adam Nichols

Director of ISV Partnerships, Whatfix

Adam is laser-focused on bringing the value of DAP solutions to companies that make and sell their own software.

Stacey Soerens

Stacey Soerens

Senior Project Manager, FIS Global

Stacey is on a mission to explore & embrace the benefits that today’s digital world has on learning & sharing information using a just in time, just enough & just for me approach.

George Painumkal

George Painumkal

Senior Director of Product Management, Icertis

George is an industry veteran and comes with 12+ years of experience working with companies like Microsoft, Apptio, and more.

john parsell

John Parsell

Associate Director, Learning Experience Architect, Merck

John is an engaging people leader and accomplished Instructional Designer with over 14 years of experience creating effective learning solutions and building innovative learning teams. 

Caroline Ford

Caroline Ford

Global Digital Capability Lead, AstraZeneca

Caroline specialises in helping organisations adopt digital change. 


The Digital Adoption Playbook

Khadim Batti, Whatfix
Vara Kumar, Whatfix
Anil Vijayan, Everest Group

10:30 am - 11:15 am ET

Building an employee first Digital Adoption process

Prakhar Jain, Whatfix
Mike Taylor, Change 4 Growth Consulting
Jeff Lowndes, Snapchat
John Parsell, Merck

11:15 am - 12:00 pm ET

Technology Adoption Curve: Traits of adopters at each stage of the life cycle

Shricha Jha, Whatfix
Trish Uhl, Owl's Ledge LLC
Caroline Ford, AstraZeneca

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm ET

Digital Adoption - The need of the hour?

Stephanie Roodhouse, Whatfix
Kimberly Smart, Anthology Senior Living
Stacey Soerens, FIS Global

12:45 pm - 01:30 pm ET

ISVs and Digital Adoption

Adam Nichols, Whatfix
Angela Pitts, Bullhorn
George Painumkal, Icertis

01:30 pm - 02:30 pm ET

Battling Resistance to Change in Organizations

Vispi Daver, Whatfix
Dr. Britt Andreatta, 7th Mind Inc
Shannon Tipton, Learning Rebels
Stefaan van Hooydonk, Global Curiosity Institute

02:30 pm - 03:15 pm ET


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Everest Group and Whatfix launched the first ever DAP Playbook

The very first edition of the Digital Adoption Platform Playbook was launched on Wednesday, November 18, that unveils insights on the role of DAP in digital journeys and strategies to help enterprises improve outcomes from their DAP investments.

Register to get a FREE copy.