Most organizations digitize business processes to bring in process efficiency and predictability. An increase in digitization leads to increased complexity and learning for the employees. This complexity and information overload result in poor user experience and decreased user adoption.

In this webinar from our recent event – Digital Adoption Summit, our CTO and co-founder, Mr. Vara Kumar, talks about how Whatfix leverages Artificial Intelligence to make the employees more productive.

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform is an overlay on the application to provide a user with engaging and contextual information. It overlaps learning into the flow of work. DAP further handles the inconvenience associated with Change Management and reduces the ramp-up time of your new employees.

Automation of Routine Tasks Makes Your Employees Faster

Whatfix ensures an automated and bi-directional flow of data between the applications. This capability increases the accuracy of the data and reduces the occurrence of manual errors. Hence, with the automation of mundane tasks, the workforce becomes more productive.

For instance: A salesperson does a lot of recurring data entry after every opportunity. He spends several of his valuable hours in the CRM system, which shifts his focus away from his core job of sales. Whatfix automates all such mundane tasks and allows your salesperson to focus on lead-conversion. 

Artificial Intelligence Improves User Experience

Once the deal gets sealed, your salesperson again engages in reverting mails and contract creation for the customer. Whatfix leverages AI to do these tasks for you. Whatfix can understand the intent of the mail and give suggestive remarks for the next step of action.

Once approved, these steps get automated as well. In this case, the salesperson doesn’t need to sift through various applications. Whatfix would update the CRM system and automate the contract creation process for you. Data validation at several points in the process makes sure that your inputs are taken into consideration while automating the entire process. 

Whatfix can also run in the background to find answers to your questions like the number of open deals in the CRM, highest revenue generated from opportunities, etc. Automation in all these use cases makes the process faster and provides a seamless user experience.

Centralized Knowledge Base

Dispersed knowledge in different forms and places in the organization creates inertia for the employees. Hence, they don’t get the right content at the right time in an application. Whatfix solves this by integrating your current knowledge bases with Whatfix and providing the content as contextual links in the application.

Additionally, Whatfix uses a crawling technique to index all the pages of your repository. It then makes them available for search in self-help inside the application.

Offer Unique and Personalized Learning Methods

Everyone learns at a different pace and responds to various forms of content. Hence, the same learning approach would hinder product adoption. Whatfix offers a personalized learning approach to drive product adoption and user engagement.

Whatfix leverages behavioral data to customize help content according to user attributes. Natural Language Processing, along with crawling techniques, enables Whatfix to understand employee needs and bring the required information in the application to you. Further, BOTs can be programmed to pick up employee feedback, which can then be tagged contextually and shared.


Human efforts augmented by AI and automation would lay a strong foundation to drive digital adoption in the future. Whatfix can recognize the struggles of your employees and optimizes those processes in your organization. 

Our vision is to solve the product complexities for your employees and improve their productivity. Whatfix promises a seamless user experience and customer delight to you.

Are you ready for the AI revolution? To learn more about Whatfix capabilities, request a personalized demo.

In case you missed our webinar or want to know more about how Whatfix impacts the future of your workforce, you can register for our on-demand webinar recording here.

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